Greenfield tracking systems

The Arausol greenfield tracking systems permit a considerable increase in the yield from solar installations. With the HTS single-axis tracking system it is possible to boost output by an average of approximately 20-25 %. Using the ZAT twin-axis tracking system, output can be increased by 40-45 %. Both systems benefit from a robust design and are delivered just-in-time with prefabricated mechanical and electrical components. All Arausol installation systems guarantee safe, time-saving assembly. The position of this innovative tracking system can be modified in the X, Y and Z directions as well as in the horizontal axis of rotation and the vertical tilting axis to permit fast, easy levelling on uneven ground. The system is also automatically protected by means of tilt sensors, limit switches, wind sensors and adaptive protective storm positioning.


Overview Brochure (PDF)


The benefits to you

• Yields of up to 45 % above average
• Optimized economic efficiency through low system and installation costs
• Robust design with verified, location-specific structural characteristics
• Large, maintenance-free pivot bearing systems
• Precise astronomical control and real-time tracking
• Automatic protection function and adaptive protective storm positioning
• Customized design variants based on standard systems


HTS-H2: Horizontal tracking system, 2 modules, horizontal


HTS-H3: Horizontal tracking system, 3 modules, horizontal


Twin-axis tracking


ZAT 330: Twin-axis tracking system, 20 modules


ZAT 500: Twin-axis tracking system, 30 modules


ZAT 700: Twin-axis tracking system, 42 modules