We inspire our customers with our quality, reliability and service.

We are a mid-sized company offering a large portfolio of products and services. We entrust our employees with a high level of personal responsibility. In this way, we achieve the commitment that brings outstanding performance and a real sense of responsibility. We inspire our customers with our work and with our solutions.


Customer satisfaction above all.

Our most important goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied and to gain their confidence. The customer is the focal point of all our thought and action. Customers are our company's raison d'être, the source of our business, our employment and our livelihoods. We place the greatest possible emphasis on quality, continuous innovation and cost-conscious operation. With our products, we want not just to meet, but to exceed our customers' expectations.


The human factor in our work

We treat one another and our business partners as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are open and honest in our dealings with one another. We encourage high performance and give it the recognition it deserves. We act consistently and responsibly. In our philosophy and activities, we place the focus on people. We demand a lot of our employees and help them develop in every way. Improvements at the levels of efficiency and effectiveness are very important to us. We measure the success of our activity in terms of productivity and the well-being of our employees. We are committed to the following values: creativity, openness, professionalism, reliability, honesty, humanity, satisfaction and success.


Innovation and technology

We are continuously extending our engineering, design, installation and service capabilities. At the same time, we make use of all forms of cooperation and partnership that can help us further our aims. This approach maintains our innovative expertise, our state-of-the-art technology, performance, commitment to deadlines and reliability.



We are committed to achieving our business goals in complete respect for the demands of environmental protection and to be responsible in our use of natural resources.


Ethical responsibility

We consider respect for and the equitable treatment of our employees, business partners and social environment to be a crucial pillar of our successful, long-term business activity.